Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is it you ask of me? © 1973 Dakini Verona

What is it you ask of me, Kind Sir? © 1973 Dakini Verona

Please unveil your mask so I may see who you were.
Is it love you speak of? Please say what you mean!
What rules do you go by? Reveal them, I pray.

You’ve soft eyes, I must note.
And still I am sad on the hurt I inflict, I dote.
Is that good? Or am I bad?

You speak so of wisdom, and what there’s yet to learn.
Bring me to your kingdom, for you know all I yearn.

Teach me with kindness, I may yet come around.
I love you not less, I just don’t know where I’m bound.

Take my hand gently, yet with a firm grip.
By my side you shall be, to prevent me a trip.
The thing that seems to be in the way, is how you’re tattered and worn.
I don’t hesitate to pray for you, but  in another form!

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