Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scattered Thoughts © 1973 Dakini Verona

Clouds through the sky, there’s just you and I.
Flowing, forever. Ever on. Our love flows on.
Could there be more? Than a walk by the shore?

- with you? Forever? Ever more?

Our reality - Simply a gaze.
An eternal bound, linking our souls forever. Ever, my love.
Forever more.

Horses running free. Just as you and me.
But together, love. Together, are we.

Mountains climb high, the time passes by.

Is it for you, as it is for me?
Do you feel whole… only with me?
Or do you wander over the hill?

Are there others? Or is your love still?

I’m blue. I think I’m afraid of you.

Your love closes in and my mind starts to spin.
Will it be forever? A lovely forever?

Or just for a smile?

Hold me close. Oh love, never let go.

If I wander away- don’t let me stray too far.
I get lost too easily.

I forget my needs.

I need you.

Let’s let it flow – let’s let it flow
Never letting go.. grab a tight hold
Holding our love. Treasuring our love.

Contentment within the boundaries of a profound love.
So pure and simple - cast down upon the sea

“our reality”?

Just us – we. Three.

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