Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kidnapped. Part II Innocence Lost © Dakini Verona 2010

Kidnapped. Part II © Dakini Verona 2010

Innocence lost.

Saugerties, New York. A very small town, not only in its size but in its level of tolerance. It was 1961. Me, I was 7 years old and just been transplanted from a beach city in Florida with my family. We lived in an even smaller section of Saugerties, called West Camp. The settlement of West Camp did not even warrant a traffic light. It was just a small area more rural than anywhere I had ever lived before.

As with many dysfunctional families, priorities were not quite straight at our home. Mom and Dad were in love with each other, that was quite clear to my sister and I. They were not really equipped to deal with the “problem child” I had become. I was a surprise to them. After all, Mom was 34 and Dad was 43 when I was born. They were looking forward to enjoying their golden years and then I came along and messed up all of their plans. It was no wonder that I was neglected. 

They tried to do the best they could, but as I look back, I can see that I was a hindrance. But it was that neglect that drove me to seek attention from others. So was it the chicken or the egg? Was I a problem because I was neglected or was I neglected because I was a problem? I know that each of these actually fed off of each other, so whichever came first is totally irrelevant at this point.


~to be continued~ 

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  1. Im sorry that happend to you back then was a dirrerent world I just cant believe he wasnt arrested crazy Ito was almost molested by my father uncle & the boy who lived down stairs from me at that time Im ok today I left it in the past just dont like to talk about it much thank you for sharing your story I Admire you

  2. Speaking from a Dr. Janov point of view, you were harmed long before you knew you were by your parents, which caused you to be a “problem.” You were never to blame. It went back and forth from there. Parents have no idea how to raise children or what children even are. They long ago forgot their own childhood. Janov’s site if you are interested: and
    His blog, which I haunt in more ways than one, as both fan and critic:
    Its called” Janov’s reflections on the Human Condition.

    Nest on the list, you mention: “a victim of the system which was supposedly there to protect me.”

    It is and has been my experience that the “System” is the cause and problem as much as anything else. You say your rape was ignored. I say nothing has changed. Despite all the new “laws” and other such implied progress, its no better today than it ever was. Justice is for the rich. The rest can go to hell for all they care. Its all a show and a lie.

    But your courage to make your experience help others is so remarkable. We need to hear what really happens to people. Lies tell us who wonderful our system is. This is the great lie that must be destroyed. Only truth and honesty can do such things.

  3. Hi Apollo,

    I will check out Janov's site. I also would be interested in that MD information you have. Please send it to my email

    Thanks for reading!