Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saving Jayne excerpt: Work in Progress

The beautiful young Baroness Mary Vetsera committed suicide in 1889, according to one version of history. She was banished to spend infinity in purgatory until she could redeem her soul by saving another. In purgatory she was stripped of her body and her name. She lost her form and became spirit. She was told her only chance of redemption was to become a guardian and save a another soul from purgatory. She accepted the challenge and was assigned a mission to follow a woman who was taking the same path towards self-destruction. 

Mary was thrown into the life of a young aspiring actress, Carol Landis. It was hoped that she would be able to bound with the tortured soul who had so much in common with the Baroness. But Mary had no idea how to help the distraught woman. She watched helplessly as Carole fell further and further into a pit of despair. 

Mary failed miserably on her first assignment, and the woman, Carole shared the fate of the Baroness by taking her own life at the age of 29. Mary has been given one more chance. This time she was to save a newborn baby Jayne whose life was destined to be filled with trauma. Can she do it? Will Jayne be saved? Will Mary be saved?

Mary awoke from the darkness. She was floating in nothingness. Again. No light. No dark. Just nothing. She knew it had been a while that she was stuck there. In purgatory. Her mission failed. She tried to save them. Really. It seems like a dream now, when she thinks back on her other life. Life as the Baroness. Wrongfully accused of suicide, but still roaming the earth until she finds a way to save another from her fate. How was she to know that living a life of sin, following her carnal lust, would lead to her early demise? 

She was only 18 when she died. It was at the hands of her jealous lover, and not her own, that she left this earth. How was she to know that living the life of a seductress would sentence her in the afterlife? She must now find a way to save another, before her soul can move on. In her life, she was known as Mary to her friends, but to the public she was Baroness Marie Alexexandrine von Vetsera. She lived a lonely life, as only a mistress knows. 

She was destined to follow the life of other lost souls, her mission to save them from a path of self-destruction or harm by others. 

She really tried with Carole Landis, but no matter how hard she tried, she was not able to save her. It was so sad when she saw her efforts fail and her “ward’s” life slip slowly away. 

Again. Failure. The thing she had in common with these women were that they all chose paths that brought their lives to an early end with suicide. 

In between the missions, Mary was forced to exist in her own state of stasis.. not existing anywhere in consciousness, almost as if she was just placed on ice.

~ to be continued~

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