Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Book is complete. It has taken me almost three years from the date I started, but I am done.


Memoirs of Dakini: True Confessions of a Former Flower Child is a collection of memories, telling of my life in the streets, from the small town of Woodstock, New York, through the Lower East side of New York City, all the way to  Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue. 

Follow my true story as one of the last Flower Children.  Read about my struggles with the drug culture, loneliness, rape, suicide attempts, kidnapping, beatings, and the pain that drove me further away from the love I sought.

I first left home at the young age of 13.  I bounced back and forth from the streets until the age of 15, when my parents relinquished control and set me free.  With only a knapsack on my back and $100 in my pocket, I left home for good on that October night of 1969.  My adventures over the next 4 ½ years are detailed in this book.

I now reside in Portland, Oregon, on a mountain top retreat with my husband, two service dogs, five mischievous cats, and six Alpaca.  I am a successful association executive in the not for profit world; am a sought out speaker on business and nonprofit management as well as telling my story of survival.
Photo is courtesy of Richard Misrach C 1974 from Telegraph 3 AM.

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